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#01, 100g 50cm
#01, 200g 50cm
Black Brown
#1В, 100g 50cm
Black Brown
#1В, 200g 50cm
#02, 100g 50cm
#2, 200g 50cm
#04, 100g 50cm
#04, 200g 50cm
Ash Brown
#08, 100g 50cm
Ash Brown
#08, 200g 50cm
Golden Brown
#12, 100g 50cm
Golden Brown
#12, 200g 50cm
Light Brown
#16, 100g 50cm
Light Brown
#16, 200g 50cm
Dark Blond
#27, 100g 50cm
Dark Blond
#27, 200g 50cm
Golden Blond
#24, 100g 50cm
Golden Blond
#24, 200g 50cm
Light Blond
#613, 100g 50cm
Light Blond
#613, 200g 50cm
White Blond
#60, 100g 50cm
White Blond
#60, 200g 50cm
Mix Chestnut and Light Blond
#04+613, 100g 50cm
Mix Ash Brown and Light Blond
#08+613, 100g 50cm
Mix Golden Brown and Light Blond
#12+613, 100g 50cm
Mix Dark Blond and Light Blond
#27+613, 100g 50cm
Payment and delivery
Cash on delivery — key to calm
One time to see and feel is better than a hundred times to read.
You can absolutely inspect hair in any city of Ukraine, compare them with your hair and even check for naturalness.
This can be done in any branch of our partner «Nova Poshta». If, for some reason, the hair is not suitable for you, you simply refuse to order without paying anything.
Delivery in Ukraine
We will deliver your order to any place in Ukraine by the carrier
Delivery times: from 1 day for regional centers to 3 days in small towns.
Sending will be for the same day with order if the order is made before 16:00 (except on Sundays and public holidays).
Pickup in the Dnipro
You can independently pick up your order, as well as try it on:
Dnipro, st. Vyacheslav Lipinski 4, office 219. view map
Before you arrive, contact us by phone and inquire if there is a necessary product available in the office (part of the goods is in stock).
Delivery to Russia
Delivery to Russia is not available.
Delivery to any country of the world
We can send your order to any country of the world after full prepayment (unfortunately, it is impossible to send international parcels by cash on delivery). You can pay using international transfer systems or online with MasterCard or Visa cards. The parcel will be sent by registered mail with tracking number.